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Cannabidiol (CBD) is generally considered safe. It has the ability to treat many ailments. CBD oil is non-psychoactive and non-addictive. However, CBD can have adverse reactions in some people. The side effects of CBD are discussed below:

Liver drug metabolism

CBD has an effect on the metabolism in the liver. This is basically due to the cytochrome enzyme which is also responsible for breaking things drugs and eliminating toxins.

Movement disorders

These disorders mostly occur due to low blood pressure. It leads to sedation and makes movement a little difficult.

Dry mouth

A dry mouth concurs with inhalation or smoking of cannabis by any active smoker. This is basically caused by the fact that cannabis reduces saliva secretion in the mouth. CBD reacts with receptors in the endocannabinoid system which are present in the saliva.


This condition is caused by an overdose of CBD. You can prevent this by reducing your CBD dosage.

Loss of appetite

Scientifically, THC is the cannabinoid responsible for increasing appetite. Ironically, CBD oil does not react with the CB1 and hence it has a totally different effect on one’s appetite. In other words, it lowers your appetite.

Lower blood pressure

A high dosage or over dose of CBD oil may lead to a drop in the blood pressure.


Dizziness occurs due to a drop in blood pressure or low blood pressure. This usually happens after taking CBD. However, this does not need a remedy as it passes on its own after some time.


Nausea is related to stomach discomfort. This is an alarming side effect of CBD. This is because CBD is used to treat or control nausea. However, this is based on reports by people and not on based on studies.

Sleepiness or drowsiness

This happens when you take a high dosage of CBD. However, high doses of CBD can be used to treat insomnia. This is because CBD causes relaxation and can easily lead to sleep.

Increased tremors in Parkinson’s disease

CBD oil may worsen muscle tremors if you have the Parkinson’s disease.


Ironically, CBD oil is used to control headaches. However, it is alleged that low-quality CBD may cause headaches.

Other side effects of CBD have been noticed in-vitro or in animals. These side effects include cell viability, reduced fertilization, and inhibition of hepatic drug metabolism.

CBD is a treatment for many ailments. However, it is advisable to consult a medical doctor or physician before you start using CBD.