If you are researching the hemp industry in Kentucky or you are keeping tabs on the bustling hemp market in the state, then you may have come across SunJoined. This organization is a network of players in different sectors in the hemp industry. It includes farmers, processors, manufacturers, and distributors.

Lamar Wilson, who founded SunJoined, is an experienced entrepreneur. He explained that he was inspired to create the organization due to his interest in the hemp industry and his fascination with efficient supply chains. Lamar notes in the We Funder page for SunJoined that he believes “in utilizing networks to provide power to the small players in a market.” That statement explains everything that SunJoined stands for.

With the surging interest in the hemp industry, deep-pocket investors are funding mass production companies. These mass producers are, in turn, putting a stranglehold on smaller players in the scene. The goal of SunJoined is to turn this scenario on its head. By creating a network of these relatively smaller players in the industry, SunJoined hopes to capitalize on the shared knowledge, experience, and resources of all the members in the network to promote profitability.

Most of the farms in the SunJoined network are small, family-owned farms that have been in the same hands for generations. While such farms may have honed techniques for producing the best hemp plants, they could benefit from the insight of other farmers as well as accessibility to processors and buyers. This is what SunJoined provides.

Wilson describes the business model of SunJoined as “potluck capitalism.” Basically, everyone brings something to the table and benefit from the network. Apart from sharing knowledge on best practices, SunJoined informs farmers of the expectations of processors and provides them with the best and most in-demand seeds to farm. The organization has researched the best hemp varieties to grow. Processors get the chance to choose from different hemp strains grown by trustworthy farms. The SunJoined philosophy is a win-win-win for all the parties involved.

SunJoined was founded in 2019, but the organization already has members from different states in the U.S. and thousands of acres of farmland under its control.

SunJoined leads by example. The company is not only promoting a philosophy but practices it. SunJoined recently released CBD tincture oils by harnessing its network. The company’s full-spectrum hemp oil is extracted from hemp plants sourced from one of the farms in its network. The hemp material is processed in a facility owned by one of the processors in the network. It is further distributed by distributors in the SunJoined network.

SunJoined’s CBD Oil Tinctures are available with either 500mg, 1000mg or 1500mg of CBD. They come with different flavors, namely Lemonade, Watermelon, and Cannafresh. If you are interested in purchasing SunJoined’s CBD oil tinctures or learning more about this company, visit

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